#seeyesdoortells 1. What kinds of wooden door you can choose from the market?


The door is thought to be an indispensable element for our home usually, the style and the quality of the door will play an important role in décor. If the door has problem after we moved in the house, it would be a big project to redo it which annoys us.

Wooden door is a common option when we start to browse either online or offline, at the same time, we will find that the price and design are different in a wide range. Moreover, there are many sellers online, therefore, it is important to know how to select a qualified wooden door product.

Mainly, there are 4 kinds of wooden door in the market.

a. MDF door

This kind of door is made from several pieces of solid wood. The factory usually splices those wood pieces and then formed them by high temperature with hot pressing. This kind of door has a tight structure where the strength is greatly improved. Thus, the MDF door is hardly deformed and lengthen the service life of the door. The price of MDF door is highly depending on the material of wood pieces, and is usually around $200, which is very cost-effective.

b. Composite solid wood painted door

This door is thought be a low quality wooden door since it is made from crushed solid wood. The price is lower than solid wood door but the intensity is also lower.

c. Free-painting door

This is also a low quality wood door because the material is not even the crushed wood. Its surface is usually covered with PVC or stickers. The price of this kind of product is low but it cannot be used for long time and not soundproof, and frequent replacement in the future is costly and troublesome.

d. Solid wood door

This kind of door is made from a whole wood, although its strength is weaker than the MDF door, but it comes from the natural which is more environmental-friendly. The texture of solid wood door is more beautiful, and the sound insulation effect is much better than the other kinds of wood door. However, it is a bit more expensive than others. It is worth noting that it may be easily out of shape when the environment is unstable (i.e., moist weather).

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