#seeyesdoortells 2. What factors should you consider when buying wooden doors?


2. What factors should you consider when buying wooden doors?

a. the door frame

Remember to confirm the material of the door frame since the price of solid wood and MDF is very different.

b. the hinge

This accessory connects the door frame and door panel, which has to be durable since you will use it every time when you open or close the door. Depending on the size of the door, the number of hinges it needs will be different. For instance, a door with size (h: 2200, w:900) will need 3 hinges, while a door with size (h: 2400, w: 1000/1100) will need 4 hinges. Remember to ask the merchant about this issue.

c. the glue strip

This accessory mainly uses on anti-collision, shock absorption and sealing. You can`t find it immediately usually as it is sticking inside the door frame. When installing, the installer should open a T-slot in the door cover, and then insert the rubber strip, so that it is not easy to be misplaced, and the use effect and life are longer. If it is only attached to the door cover, it will soon fall off and affect the use.

Following, you will need to be clear about whether there are additional fee (i.e. the lock and the stopper). Some factories have additional fee when the door size is over the standard ones, or when the design is more complicated than normal ones. Therefore the initial price may be changed after more details have been provided by us.

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