• 1.What you see is not what you get:

    the gap between the product picture you see and the actual product. There is a complete gap between our products and the actual ones;

  • 2.What you think is not what you get:

    you can't just imagine. You should show the actual effect picture of the product to the customer, so that the guest will complete the decoration effect or change the matching color according to the actual effect picture;

  • 3.Commitment is not floating cloud:

    different companies and factories in the customization industry have different commitments. Our commitments are: customers will see the production process of products in real time; they will track the freight transport nodes in real time; they will get the installation and debugging guidance in real time; they will get the damaged repair methods in time; and they will also have access to the repair methods;

  • 4.Discount for Repurchase:

    when the customer has repurchase behavior, the company's sales system will timely remind the business department that the customer is a repurchase customer, and will give the discount directly without the customer's offer according to the previous commitment or the current discount, and extend the warranty period.

  • 5.What size doors can you make?

    Any size as you wish

  • 6.What materials do you use to manufacture your doors?

    We will recommend the most cost-effective materials according to the requirements

  • 7.How can I obtain a quote for a custom design or size not shown on your site?

    Please send us an email at Denser@seeyesdoors.com or call WhatsApp/wechat:+8618902415011

  • 8.Do you offer installation & glazing service?

    No we do not offer installation. We do supply all internal steel doors/windows with single or double glazing. External iron or steel doors or sidelight/highlight windows can be supplied with or without glazing. Please check with your building surveyor or certifier on the requirements.

  • 9.How do I install my new seeyesdoor?

    As each installation will have different requirements and quality and safety is paramount, we recommend using a Registered Builder or Carpenter to install your seeyesdoor. Your door will come with all the necessary hardware to install your door into our supplied door frames. View the installation guide on our website for basic instructions. For Iron Doors there are two methods for installation, iron mounting tabs welded on the side of the iron door jamb or pre-drilled mounting holes on the inside of the jamb. Please talk to your builder or installer which method will be best for your circumstances on site. Your builder or carpenter will ensure proper installation of the jamb and hanging of the door. As both iron and steel glass doors are quite heavy, multiple people will be needed for installation.

  • 10.How do I order?

    You can order a hinge or pivot door by getting in touch with us and obtaining a quote. Once you have made payment we create a CAD shop drawing your door according to the plans or dimensions you provide us. This shop drawing will need to be reviewed and signed off by you or your builder/carpenter/installer prior to us constructing the door. You can expect to receive the shop drawing within 3-5 days of making payment. At seeyesdoor quality control is paramount, so each door must pass our rigorous quality assurance tests and checks prior to packing and shipment.

  • 11.What is the warranty on a Seeyes Door?

    All seeyesdoor come with our 5 year manufacturers warranty. More information can be found on our warranty page and Refund Policy page. If you have any other question please feel free to get in touch about our hinge or pivot doors here.

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